Body to Body Massage
Body to Body Massage at Bangkok Passion Massage

A body to body massage is a sensual therapy between two people during which our masseuse will use the softness of their oily curves to massage your body. The massage involves the rubbing and manipulating of muscles, tendons, skin and ligaments.

A full body to body massage offers multiple benefits:

  • Mental Benefits: the body to body massage helps to create a calm state of alertness while reducing mental stress. It is relaxing and allows the body to release stored stress.
  • Physical Benefits: the body to body massage improves circulation, improves joint flexibility, releases chronic muscle tension and pain, reduces physical fatigue, releases muscle spasms and cramps. The massage nourishes your skin, improves posture and body awareness.
  • Emotional Benefits: the body to body massage creates a feeling of wellbeing while reducing anxiety. It creates awareness of body-mind connection, enhances a sense of harmony, and increases energy flow at all levels.