Sensual Yoni Massage
Sensual Yoni Massage at Bangkok Passion Massage

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina and, loosely translated, means "sacred space." Tantric philosophy approaches the vagina from a place of love and respect and yoni massage as a means of honoring women. The Yoni massage admires your power and beauty as a woman. It is a trip into the heart of the bloom of your femininity.

The 3 main aspects of yoni massage are Pleasure, Therapy, and Spirituality

  • Pleasure: the Yoni massage will open up your whole body to sensation, pleasure and orgasm.
  • Spirituality: the Yoni massage should be a spiritual practice. An orgasm is a spiritual experience which involves openness, trust, surrender, dissolution and a feeling of oneness, unity and stillness.
  • Therapy: the Yoni massage will help witnessing, accepting and releasing past pain and trauma on the physical, sexual, energetic, emotional and mental levels.

The Yoni massage will allow you to fully let go of your body tensions and any limitations that are in the way of expanding your sexual potential. You will also learn that you can feel your Yoni more consciously, which means that you will understand her anatomy better, learn where your orgasmic zones are. You will feel a better connection with yourself and your partner..