Four Hands Sensual Erotic Massage
Four Hands Sensual Erotic Massage Massage at Bangkok Passion Massage

With the Four hands massage you will choose two masseuses. They will skillfully, fluidly work your body from head to toe, sometimes synchronized, sometimes in contrast – always in harmony. With long sweeping strokes – the perfect pressure to relax your body. Then deeper, kneading the tension from your muscles, and deeper still, working into those areas that have been longing to be reached but nobody’s quite found.

The sensation of having two therapists working on you at once is beyond words, stretching you in a way that only four hands can – easing, lengthening, realigning and releasing. Your brain won’t be able to follow all the hands as they take you to a place where your mind and body give up their holding, leaving you feeling totally relaxed and revitalised.

The Four Hands Massage has been developed through our collective experience of practicing bodywork, energy work and meditation. With two therapists combining superficial and deep tissue techniques, assisted stretches, pressure point stimulation, breath and energy work, a unique form of massage is created. They will slowly and gently lead you to an explosive orgasm of relaxation.